Hermann Harms was born February the 5th 1950 in Gelsenkirchen / Germany.  
He has high school-degree,has examined as advertiser, learnd window-dresser and shop-designer was working in the touristy as manager, shift leader in the logistic and as graphical. Today he has leading position in the logistic.

The Jutsu-Akademie-Harms was founded in 1970 as Dojo for a small group
of martial-arts instructors. Soon the name was standing for all activities beside
Hermann Harms in Germany.
Martial art was in this time in the hand of few Grandmasters, and there ideas were law.
It was hard for newcomers with own ideas.
The martial arts world was not fair and the Dutch teacher of Master Harms shows him
how to deal with this dictatorship.

In 1980 Master Hermann Harms founded The Brotherhood of Martial Arts Instructors.
The main aim of the brotherhood is to foster friendship and communications among
Martial arts instructors and masters.
The brotherhood is free and independent. There are not money interest but guarantee of truthful and veracity. All styles and systems with good budo-way are welcome, without
Domination or control. We don’t give away any new degrees or positions,
Exchange of memberships, ideas, information’s and thoughts.
This is not much, but more then enough of statutes.

Hermann Harms started Martial-Arts training 1957. He gets his first Dan Jiu-Jitsu 1971from
his Grandmaster Charles Dumerniert 10th Dan (Den Haag/The Netherlands) and he have contact with him till his sad death in 2000.
Master Harms is not professional martial arts teacher.
He is a multi stylist with traditional background.
His Degrees are certificated by existing  famous associations.
Today he teaching only Jiu - Jitsu and self-defence under the aspect of reality.
He is not professional Martial-Arts-Teacher! He don’t run an own school. He is teaching in various clubs, societies and associations Martial-Arts and (specially) self-defence
He is not unbeaten champion in what style ever.
He is still willing to learn more. His style of Jiu - Jitsu called Goshin-Jutsu ore “Self-defence- Style” and is not sport.
In contrast to many highly gradudated masters he is not afraid of attending courses of instruction or visiting foreign schools and associations (federations) in oder to cultivate friendships to other respectable members of martial arts and use them along the lines of BUDO as a way to international understanding and universal peace.He has been or still is a member of the most renowned world-wide acting professional associations of the corresponding martial arts which he has been studying and teaching.

JIU-JITSU is the gentle art of self-defence. It is a highly effective method of physical and self-defence Aspect, incorporating body conditioning, gymnastics, kicking, foot sweeps,
fighting on the ground, punching, throwing, grappling and street fight techniques.
This without and with traditional and modern weapon.
This all is not to create a fighting machine, but by using his knowledge of the Martial-Arts in daily life, he should aspire to become a better person; Firm in brain and body.
Looking at some arts today it would seem that they have descended to the level of night club bouncing, street fighting and sport. Where is the dignity and inner development of the past?
Grandmaster Hermann Harms believe in future!

He don’t live from Martial-Arts - he live for it.